Features & Benefits

Built to last
Made from architectural-grade materials; lumen maintenance: 280,000 hours (L70), 35,000 hours (L95); five-year warranty
ASHRAE compliant option
5 W/ft version meets ASHRAE standards for linear lighting on building facades
A toolbox of options
Wide range of optics, color temperatures, accessories, beams and spread lenses
Sturdy Construction
Corrosion-resistant option suitable for hostile environments; salt spray, harsh chemicals and extreme outdoor exposure
Optics and Distributions for All Occasions
8° x 8°, 10° x 10°, 10° x 30°, 10° x 60°, 10° x 90°, 15° x 25°, 30° x 30°, 30° x 60°, 35° x 35°, 50° x 80°, 60° x 60°, 80° x 80°, 90° x 90°, Asymmetric wallwash
Corrosion resistant
Suitable for marine environments and coastal areas
5-Year Warranty
Standard 5-year warranty for complete assembly.
True asymmetric wallwash
Unique optic delivers standout uniformity at close range, with generous spacing between fixtures

Linear projectors for interior and exterior applications

Lumenfacades are high-performance linear LED luminaires for grazing, accents and floodlighting indoor and outdoor applications. Available in 1', 2', 3' or 4' sections, the Lumenfacade family offers a choice of optics; outputs; color temperatures and colors (Dynamic White, RGB and RGBW); mounting options; accessories; and dimming control. A unique asymmetric distribution, providing exceptional uniformity and brightness for walls and signage, is also available across the entire family.

Linear projectors for interior and exterior applications


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