Winners Bayonne

Lumenfacade Interior Color Changing fixtures provide a dramatic entrance for Winners Bayonne, an off-track wagering center.

Drawing on a strong patron base in a 30-mile radius, the $18-million Winners Bayonne is a 25,000-square-foot off-track wagering center located on Route 440 near Bayonne, New Jersey. Opened in July 2012, it offers two large simulcast areas, 150 televisions screens, a VIP room, a 38-seat bar, and a full-service restaurant.

Troy Hornung of Grenald Waldron Associates says that the color-changing section of the façade was an integral part of the building design from the start. "It is a dramatic way to call attention to the building from the adjacent highway and immediately identify it," he indicates.

Hornung specified Lumenfacade Interior Color Changing linear LED with a Lumentouch controller. The project was first proposed in 2009, but incurred delays due to the general economic climate that followed. "We had originally planned for fixtures at the top and the bottom, but with the increased lumens of the Lumenpulse fixture, we were able to achieve the design intent with a single row at the bottom, at the same time lowering both energy and maintenance requirements," Hornung says.

"The top of the light box was painted flat white to evenly illuminate the internal textured wall surface. In this way, we were able to reflect light back down as well, so that the glass panels appear to glow," he says. A 9-inch setback was tested and approved as the most appropriate distance from the glass to accommodate the lamps based on the height of the exterior wall.

The Lumenpulse fixture was paired with the Lumentouch controller. "Winners Bayonne's owner was technically adept and wanted to know how the controller operated," says Hornung. "So the Lumenpulse programmer demonstrated to him how the settings could produce the results he wanted to achieve."

"We had great support from Lumenpulse on the details, getting fixtures to the site, and follow-up after installation," Hornung continues. "Lumenpulse products worked great the first time—we never had any issues or complaints. It was the best piece of the project by far."

Equipment Specified
35 x Lumenfacade Interior Color Changing (4', 10° x 60°)

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Location: Bayonne, New Jersey, United States
Market: Sports + Entertainment
Lighting Design: Grenald Waldron Associates
Photographer: RLI Photography

It is a dramatic way to call attention to the building from the adjacent highway and immediately identify it.

Troy Hornung
Grenald Waldron Associates