Lumenpulse LED luminaires selected to illuminate the new marquee and building facade of Montreal’s legendary concert venue.

The façade of one of Montreal’s iconic performance halls has been transformed with a dynamic lighting design using luminaires from Lumenpulse. MTELUS, formerly known as the Metropolis, is located on Ste-Catherine Street. Its new vibrant lighting design was created by Patty Xenos Design, who worked with project management QMD and owners Spectra.

Patty Xenos Design used Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Colour-Changing (RGBW) fixtures to highlight the textured façade and second floor arches, while the Lumendome Nano Colour-Changing direct-view pixel luminaires light the underside of the marquee.

Thanks to DMX-control and the low-resolution screen capabilities of the Lumendome Nano fixtures, the MTELUS team now has the ability to create colour chasing effects and various colour schemes for the venue’s concerts and events.

258 x Lumendome Nano Colour-Changing
6 x Lumenfacade Horizontal Colour-Changing, 1', 10x90
4 x Lumenfacade Horizontal Colour-Changing, 1', 30x60
6 x Lumenfacade Horizontal Colour-Changing, 2', 10x60
6 x Lumenfacade Horizontal Colour-Changing, 3', 10x60
1 x Lumencue

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Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Arts + Culture, Sports + Entertainment, Urban
Client: Spectra
Lighting Design: Patty Xenos Design
Project Management: Les Entreprises QMD
Photographer: Sebastien Racicot