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Market: Urban, Institutions + Workplaces
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Client: State of Rhode Island
Engineer: Creative Environments
Lighting Design: Abernathy Lighting Design
Photographer: Tracy Shankle


A legendary symbol of state, the Rhode Island State House, has been given a new aesthetic thanks to Lumenbeam luminaires and Lumentalk control protocol.

Rhode Island State House

The hill-top symbol of state in Providence, the Rhode Island State House, is now being seen in a new light thanks to lighting designers Abernathy Lighting Design and their use of Lumenpulse Lumenbeam and Lumenfacade luminaires.

Relighting the white Georgia marble facade of this historically and architecturally important building included using a wallwash of clean white light to enhance the textures and contrasts inherent in the façade's natural material. The addition of dynamic RGBW, when it is desired, allows for an ever-changing aesthetic to match local events and seasons while still honoring the innate beauty of the Rhode Island State House's architecture.

The precision optics in both the Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam luminaires wrap light around the architectural elements of the structure, keeping lightspill to a minimum and promoting a "glow" aesthetic to the stone itself.

To help protect the historical elements of the Rhode Island State House, Abernathy Lighting Design choose Lumenpulse's control protocol, Lumentalk, which allowed them to use existing wiring to deliver a dynamic controls system without extensive re-wiring or the introduction of conduits which could possibly damage the structure.

The majestic architecture aglow from the hilltop is not only a relighting, it is a reimagining and realignment of the future thanks to the exciting lighting design and Lumenpulse fixtures.

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