Telecon Group Offices

In the Telecon Group's offices, housed in a historic warehouse in the Mile-end area of Montreal, five of the Lumenpulse product families were utilized to emphasize and enliven the new and existing architectural features of this remarkable space.

Telecon's wish to create a unique and warm working environment saw Imperatori Design integrate the versatile Lumenpulse luminaires into the warehouse architecture. "Imperatori Design chose to collaborate with Lumenpulse for Telecon's architectural lighting following initial discussions during which they clearly embraced the challenges regarding design, schedule and budget," states Joanne Imperatori, Founder of Imperatori Design. The timeline and concept of this project showcased Lumenpulse's ability to provide our products promptly while continuing our reputation of supplying indispensable, local on-site support. "The Lumenpulse team proved to be very hands on in delivering this very fast-tracked project," says Imperatori.

Integrated in a cove detail under the front entrance marquise of the office, Lumenfacade remote luminaires accent the ground with a 30' x 60' beam distribution. The Lumencove Nano HO is at use in the reception area between the drop ceiling's uplighting and the concrete slab of the inner structure to welcome each visitor.

The steel-girded, wood ceiling in the open office area is uplit using Lumenfacade projectors while the whitewashed, cinder-blocked wall of the employee lounge is stunningly uplit by Lumenfacade luminaires grazing its height.

The central staircase and second floor walkway carry a theatrical lustre thanks to Lumenbeam pendants and projectors. These Lumenbeam luminaires have been adjusted to play off the architectural angles of the staircase and walkway. The Lumenbeams, positioned above the walkway, create an element of wayfinding, a subtle, spotlit path that runs along its entire length. The staircase, which doubles as a seating area during office-wide meetings, is the perfect stage for the discernment of the Lumenbeam fixtures. The multi-coloured, and geometric volumes of closed offices and conference rooms on the second floor are colour matched to the ceiling using the RAL color rendering capabilities of the Discreet Nano luminaires. The RAL luminaire trims can be color matched to any designed environment.

Simultaneously, the executive office area uses Downlight Pinhole Small units, which were made trimless and given spackle flanges to provide a distinct, yet fluid, bridge to the space surrounding it.

The overall effect of this project is a one-of-a-kind, welcoming work environment. The flexible and complimentary Lumenpulse families tie in together so seemlessly that much of the guess work is evaporated from deadlines. Under tight time constraints, Lumenpulse delivered the materials that allowed concept to become reality. An outcome to which Joanne Imperatori, concurs, "The result was nothing less than what we anticipated and more. In particular, developing a lighting approach in keeping with our concept and vision, meeting pre-established budgets and, especially, delivering in record time."

75 x Pinhole Small (3000K, 40° optic)
66 x Discreet Nano (3000K, 60° optic)
4 x Soft Medium (3000K, 40° optic)
32 x Spot Small (3000K, 40° optic)
6 x Spot Small (3000K, 60° optic)
4 x Lumenline Pendant Direct/Indirect (8' x 20', 3000K)
27 x Lumencove Nano HO (4', 3000K)
3 x Lumencove Nano HO (1', 3000K)
55 x Lumenfacade Pendant HO (2', 3000K, 10°x60°)
3 x Lumenfacade Pendant (1', 3000K, 10°x60°)
10 x Lumenbeam Medium (3000K, 10° optic)
2 x Lumenbeam Medium (3000K, 40° optic)
1 x Lumenbeam Medium (3000K, 20° optic)
3 x Lumenbeam Medium Pendant (3000K, 20° optic)

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Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Institutions + Workplaces
Client: Telecon Group
Lighting Design: Imperatori Design
Architect: Gross Kaplin Kovienski
Electrical Contractor: Britton Electric
Photographer: Sebastien Racicot