Pacific Centre

New lighting by Lumenpulse extends the reach of this downtown mall by increasing visibility and leading people through the front doors.

A well-known landmark in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Pacific Centre is the city's premiere fashion destination, with 100 shops and services. It extends along three blocks, with indoor connections to six office towers, the Four Seasons Hotel and the Apple store. Before the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Cadillac Fairview, the Centre's owners, identified an opportunity to make it easier for visitors to locate and enter the Centre.

"Before, the Dunsmuir entrance was almost invisible, surrounded by the black glass facades of nearby office towers in the complex, and also situated under a bridge adjacent to the neighboring Holt Renfrew store," says Darren Luce of Lightworks. To replace the canyon-like effect with a more dynamic and welcoming image, Lightworks teamed with exhibit designer Brian Bazett to create a traffic-generating visual introduction to the Centre.

Their strategy was to saturate the space with a strong blue color above and below the full-height glass entry doors: Lumenfacade Color Changing fixtures were used at the portals and Lumenbeam Large Color Changing luminaires in the outside space leading in from the street. Five different shows are programmed into the installation for use by the Centre's marketing staff to promote events and celebrations.

Equipment specified

2 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (2' units, RGB color mixing, 10˚ x 10˚ optic)
2 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (3' units, RGB color mixing, 30˚ x 60˚)
12 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (4' units, RGB color mixing, 30˚ x 60˚)
4 x Lumenbeam Large (RGB color mixing, flood 40˚ optic)

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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Market: Retail
Lighting Design: CDm2 LIGHTWORKS
Photographer: Ed White