Le Grand Theatre de Quebec

An award-winning architectural conservation effort in Quebec City is paired with the perfect luminaires to create a wonder for the eyes.

The celebrated Brutalist architecture of the Grand Théâtre de Québec in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, has recently undergone restorative measures, carried out by architectural firms Lemay and Atelier 21, to protect its deteriorating exterior and emblematic Bonet mural therein. To do so, the multidisciplinary team designed and added a transparent, glass curtain wall, or casing, surrounding the concrete structure to protect it from the elements and create a low-flow heat recovery and thermal mass system that is both energy-efficient and economical.

To accentuate and add to the exciting aesthetic of the prize-winning architectural addition, Lumenpulse Lumenbeam, Lumenfacade, and Lumencove luminaires were used throughout the lighting design. The Lumenfacade luminaires provide wallwashing and general façade illumination of the original theater, while the Lumenbeam luminaires provide precision illumination of columns, outcrops, and other architectural features situated on the façade. Together, the illumination is thorough, unified, and exact, allowing the “glow” of the exterior lighting placed on the original architecture to be seen through the new glass architectural envelope. The effect is that the glass outer shell looks illuminated from within.

The Lumenpulse Lumencove luminaires were used to subtly wash while showcasing the intertwined textures of the monumental concrete mural by sculptor Jordi Bonet that covers close to 60 percent of the theater’s interior, making it one of the largest sculptures of its kind in the world.

The Lumenpulse luminaires used to accentuate, highlight, embellish, and enlighten the new and old architectures of the Grand Theatre are a fine example of how Lumenpulse solutions mix seamlessly with all architectures while outperforming with precision and integrity no matter the application they are charged with.

60 x Lumenbeam Large (3000K, 6°)
8 x Lumenbeam Colour Changing Large (RGBW, 6°)
24 x Lumencove 2.0 Colour Changing (RGBW)
24 x Lumenfacade Colour Changing Interior (RGBW, 10x60)
60 x Lumenfacade Horizontal (4 ft, 3000K, 10x60)

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Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Market: Arts + Culture
Client: Commission de la Capitale Nationale du Québec
Architect: Lemay & associés
Electrical Engineer: WSP
Electrical Contractor: Revenco (1991) Inc.
Lighting Design: Guy Simard
Photographer: Stéphane Groleau