Stockholm Central Station

First and last impressions of a city are quintessential bookends when it comes to travelling. The new lighting design in this central train station, impresses, creates comfort, and is a favourite on social media.

Recently, the central hall of the busiest station in Sweden, the Stockholm Central Station, was given a new lighting design thanks to the Light Bureau. The new lighting design is an impressive way to inspire and create a comfortable zone for travellers.

The impressive luzettes (glass domes) and the ceiling were themselves renovated and use Lumenpulse Lumenfacade with a wide wash optic of 30º x 60º to create a glow upon the glass at night. Their RGBW capabilities and the use of a Pharos control system, makes it possible to create lighting scenes that change with the seasons, important days, weather, or various happenings within the station. 

The Lumenpulse Lumenbeam luminaires were mounted to provide general lighting throughout the hall. The Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam luminaires work together to create an even and soft general light throughout the room.

The new lighting design helps to ease the angst any travellers may feel while creating a memorable, comfortable space, despite its vast size. By the amount of post on social media showcasing the new design, it is easy to see that the revamp was a complete success.

390 x Lumenfacade RGBW (48", 30º x 60º)
124 x Lumenbeam Large (4000K, Flood 40º)  

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Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Market: Infrastructure, Urban
Client: Jernhusen
Lighting Design: Light Bureau
Photographer: Kai Piippo