Torre del Arte

Lumenpulse luminaires brighten the Torre del Arte building, accentuating the architecture to create a playful and welcoming sight in the city.

Rie Sakata Lighting Designers were tasked with providing a high-impact, dynamic and efficient lighting design that would highlighted the importance of the Torre del Arte building in its surroundings of Lima, Peru. The 12-storey office and commercial space has a glass curtain facade and a distinct architectural signature that were just waiting to make a statement.

To make their vision a reality, the design team turned to the linear, Lumenpulse Horizontal luminaires with 10° x 60° optics to floodlight the "off-set," staggered structures and generate an artful gap between the solid blue light and the night.

Outside the third and eight floors, a continuous line of two-foot long Lumenpulse Horizontal luminaires were connected to uplight two of the multi-storied, offset facades and accent the overhangs. A third wall section of the lower structure is also lit in a similar fashion, with the light distribution precisely accenting the more minimal overhang. The outcome is a lighting design that manages to generate a type of urban communication between the Torre del Arte building and its surroundings making a landmark even more memorable.

The Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Horizontal luminaires, with their 10° x 60° optics and anti-glare louvers, keep light spill to a minimum and have added an energy-efficient sight to the nightline of Lima while also helping the Torre del Arte building achieve Gold LEED status. Not bad for a night's work.

96 x Lumenfacade Horizontal in static blue, 2ft, 10° x 60°
96 x Anti-glare louvers

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Location: San Borja, Lima, Peru
Market: Urban
Client: Urbanova
Lighting Design: Rie Sakata Lighting Designers
Commissioning and Programming: LED-LS PERÚ
Installation: LED-LS PERÚ
Photographer: LED-LS PERÚ