Project details

Market: Infrastructure, Urban
Location: Lyon, France
Client: Ville de Lyon
Photographer: Xavier Boymond


The City of Lyon turned to Lumenpulse and LEC to light the Lafayette bridge. The elegant design uses 90 Lumenfacade luminaires, with a mix of wide and narrow beam angles, and custom 2200K and 5700K color temperatures.

Pont Lafayette

Equipment specified:

6 x Lumenfacade HO (4', 2200K, 60x60)

86 x Lumenfacade HO (4', 5700K, 10x60)

4 x Lumenbeam Medium (2700K, 20°)

12 x Lumencove XT (2', 2700K)

2 x Lumenfacade HO (2200K)

Applications Used

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