Lightfair 2015

Lumenpulse unveiled new products at Lightfair 2015 in New York, putting the focus on innovative optics and control technologies.

Lumenpulse put a focus on optics and control technologies at Lightfair International 2015, unveiling a number of new products and features.

Visitors to the Lumenpulse booth were able to see:

  • Lumenline 2.0 featuring new LED technology, lit corners and an innovative quick joining system for continuous runs.
  • The standout uniformity (with generous spacing between fixtures) of the Lumenfacade family's asymmetric wallwash.
  • The recently launched line of LED downlights and spotlights. The downlight products from the European brand AlphaLED - acquired by Lumenpulse in July 2014 - to the American market.
  • Lumentalk, Lumenpulse's innovative power line communication technology. Lumentalk enables digital control of LED lighting over existing infrastructure and track installations, with no re-wiring or renovation required.
  • The latest version of the Lumenbeam family, which provides up to 84% increase in candlepower with a typical 30% improvement in efficacy for white light luminaires.

For more information on Lumenpulse at Lightfair 2015, please see the News and Events section.

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Location: 655 W 34th St, New York, New York, United States
Market: Retail, Urban, Institutions + Workplaces
Photographer: Brett Beyer