Aurelian Walls

The Aurelian Walls in Rome add to the city's ancient mystique. Lumenpulse Lumenbeam Inground and Lumenpulse Lumenquad Grande and Large luminaires were recently installed to light parts of the wall and ensure that this mystique carries through into Rome's illustrious nightscape.

The Aurelian Walls are a line of city walls built between 271AD and 275AD in Rome, Italy, and are up to 33 feet (10m) high in some places. There is no shortage of ancient attractions in Rome, and the Aurelian Walls are a striking feature that ribbon through the city. ACEA SpA wanted the Aurelian Walls lit to make visible this important urban feature also after the sunset and also invigorating the subtle night appeal of the wall itself. To achieve this thorough and sensitive lighting design, ACEA SpA chose Lumenpulse Lumenbeam Inground luminaires with their precise wallwash optics and Lumenpulse Lumenquad Grande and Large luminaires with specially designed linear LED boards.

The Lumenpulse Lumenquad Grande and Large luminaires are mounted on street to poles and project onto the wall, providing the medium level luminous flux and excellent uniformity needed while keeping the luminaires out of direct sight while setting the wall aglow from a distance.

The overall effect is a thorough and subtle lighting design that showcases the texture of the ancient walls. The remarkable and historically sensitive walls were not altered during this installation and the Lumenbeam Inground and pole-mounted Lumenquad luminaires keep the fixtures out of direct view, creating an almost magical light wherein the source is unseen.

Lumenbeam Inground Large (2700K, Wallwash)
Lumenbeam Grande (2700K, custom linear optics)
Lumenbeam Large (2700K, custom linear optics)

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Location: Rome, Italy
Market: Infrastructure, Urban
Client: ACEA SpA
Lighting Design: ACEA SpA
Photographer: Matteo Canestraro