Assen Station

The exterior of an exciting architectural revamp of Assen Station uses pole-mounted Lumenbeam luminaires to show off its angles and aesthetic to travellers at night. 

The comings and goings at Assen Station are now framed by a fabulous triangular wooden roof that floats overtop of the buildings it shelters. This complete remodelling of the old station connects the railway line with the city while the new car tunnel that has been constructed under the station square allows for a calm public space around the station itself. As with such projects, the primary concern when lighting such a high-use, public area is safety.


To achieve a lighting scheme which safely lights the outdoor area surrounding the new station and simultaneously respects the exciting architecture of the structures, lighting designer Studio.nlx (part of Nobralux) chose Lumenpulse Lumenbeam luminaires. Placing wooden masts, the highest of which is twelve meters (24 feet), equipped with eight Lumenbeam luminaires each, allowed for total coverage of the area and structure. On each mast, five of the Lumenbeam luminaires are fitted with a hood to prevent light trespasses while providing uniformly functional lighting throughout the high traffic areas. In addition, the remaining three Lumenbeams on each mast have narrow beams and form an elliptical pattern atop the square's seating area.

Each of the Lumenbeam luminaires can be controlled separately using DMX components. The elliptical patterns of the seating area are dynamically controlled to create atmospheric and lively light images. The programming of the dynamic lighting in the seating areas matches the traffic flow of the station, when the station is busy, there is an increase in the colour changes, when it is quieter, the dynamics decrease.

Assen Station's new prominence in the city is partially due to this new lighting scheme, which allows for a safe area from which to travel to and from while also creating a dynamic scene that engages and interacts with the crowds.


40 x Lumenbeam Large (4000K)

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Location: Assen, Netherlands
Market: Urban, Infrastructure
Client: The Municipality of Assen and Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Architect: De Zwarte Hond, Powerhouse Company
Lighting Design: Ronald Gijzel (Studio.nlx)
Photographer: Sebastian van Damme
Partner: Industrielicht