PRADO Commercial Center

The sculptural canopy of Marseille's new shopping center gets the Lumenbeam treatment and is made into a glowing attraction for architects and shoppers alike.

The art of architecture has always incorporated light. The architectural canopy of the new Prado Shopping Center in Marseille, France, is a crossroads of art, architecture and dynamic light installation.

Lighting Designers SNAIK Atelier Yann Kersalé Light Art and 8'18'' were mandated to create a lighting scheme fit for this bold canopy, a cybernetic quilt draped atop the building and celebrating the local color palates and environment.

The canopy, made of semi-opaque and translucent glass panels, are the perfect stage for the high-performance dynamics of Lumenbeam RGBW luminaires to play out. The Lumenbeam projectors were primarily placed on the support columns and framework surrounding the canopy itself, uplighting and washing the panels.

Because such high-performance luminaires can be distracting to passersby, their positioning on the masts and their optical alignment were of utmost importance to the design. The wide 60° flood optics were partially controlled by visors which were installed to properly govern the light and prevent spill, avoiding visual discomfort. The wide distribution of the Lumenbeams ensures a uniform wash of light and illuminance.

Ease of commissioning and programming and past positive experiences with Lumenpulse products proved to be the key for lighting designers, 818 and SNAIK for the Prado project. Representatives from the Paris Lumenpulse office were onsite throughout the project and helped program the dynamic RGBW Lumenbeams to commemorate national holidays, other festivities and to change the atmosphere of the center with a variety of color temperatures throughout a day.

The results have been outstanding. Shoppers flock not only to shop but to walk beneath this experience, this piece of art, and the way that it jars the imagination.

79 x Lumenbeam Grande Color-Changing RGBW, Wide Flood
1 x Pharos Controller (DMX)

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Location: Marseilles, France
Market: Retail, Arts + Culture, Urban
Lighting Design: SNAIK Atelier Yann Kersalé Light Art
Lighting Consultants: 8’18’’
Architect: Architectes Benoy + EURL Didier Rogeon Architecte
Photographer: Matthieu Colin