La Ciotat Old Port

Lumenbeam Medium luminaires were chosen to provide discreet and efficient lighting for the new boardwalk in La Ciotat's Old Port.

The City of La Ciotat, in Bouches-du-Rhône, France, wanted to carry out a major refurbishment to improve the accessibility, safety, and comfort within its Old Port area. The launch of this remodeling included, among other things, a new configuration of the docks, widening of the existing promenade/boardwalk, the creation of a bicycle path, and the repair of its terraces. The main objective was to transform the Old Port of La Ciotat into a convivial space for citizens and visitors.

INEO-Béranger, who oversaw the public lighting for this project, called on Lumenpulse to supply luminaires for the Old Port promenade. Looking for luminaires that are durable, flexible in terms of installation, but also capable of meeting the challenges of outdoor lighting in coastal areas, Lumenpulse's Lumenbeam range was the natural choice.

The lighting of the new promenade presented a significant challenge: to ensure increased and uniform visual comfort for users while respecting the various lighting levels in the area. It also had to respect the heritage and landscape features of the Old Port. To meet this challenge, six Lumenbeam Medium luminaires were integrated with each of the 33 masts of the promenade. Each luminaire was then oriented at different angles to match the shape of the quays. This resulted in the discreet, yet thorough and elegant lighting of the entire boardwalk.

According to the installers, the Lumenpulse luminaires had the control and integration qualities they needed. The fully configurable nature of Lumenpulse luminaires, including a wide choice of optical distributions, made them a real asset in effectively lighting this seaside promenade. The Lumenbeam's lower manufacturing and environmental footprint, as well as the CRC corrosion protection, which allows for optimal operation at all times, also ensured durability.

This new lighting scheme, as well as all of the facilities at the Old Port of La Ciotat, helped to strengthen the economic and tourist appeal of La Ciotat, which was named the Most Beautiful Bay in the World in 2019.

90 x Lumenbeam Medium (3500K, Flood)
5 x Lumenbeam Medium (3500K, Narrow Flood)
1 x Lumenbeam Medium (3500K, Narrow Spot)

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Location: La Ciotat, France
Market: Urban, Sports + Entertainment
Client: Ville de La Ciotat
Landscape Architect: Eric Giroud
Installation: INEO-Béranger
Photographer: Xavier Boymond