Story Wall Eskilstuna

ÅF Lighting's lighting design and Lumenpulse Lumenbeam luminaires have put the citizens of Eskilstuna on the stage of their own shadow play, their movements briefly marking the wall of a once unremarkable space. 

A busy tunnel beneath railroad tracks in Eskilstuna, Sweden, ushers pedestrians, cyclists and motorists through the city. To increase the safety and appeal of the tunnel, lighting design firm ÅF Lighting has designed an interactive lighting installation.

"The tunnel is one of the main passages through central Eskilstuna, and since so many people pass through here, it becomes a concentrated version of the city," explained Tobias Olsson, Lighting Designer at ÅF Lighting. "In this tunnel, it is the citizens themselves who tell the story of Eskilstuna with the help of light, and their story is unique and ever changing." The project has been aptly named "Story Wall Eskilstuna."

Single color Lumenpulse Lumenbeam Large luminaires, in red, green and blue, have been placed evenly between the tunnel's pillars. Before entering the tunnel, it simply looks as if lit by white light. However, when visitors enter the space, their projected shadows, by blocking each coloured light from a slightly different angle, appear on the wall as an array of three differently colored silhouettes.

The once dark passage has become inviting, brighter, safer and entertaining for whomever passes through. Sometimes, it just might be more comforting to know there's light throughout the tunnel and not just at the end of it.


13 x Lumenbeam Large, RRR, 20° with Snoot
13 x Lumenbeam Large, BBB, 20° with Snoot
13 x Lumenbeam Large, GGG, 20° with Snoot 

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Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Market: Arts + Culture, Urban
Client: Eskilstuna Municipality, Karin Ermegård
Lighting Design: ÅF Lighting (Tobias Olsson, Francesco Guastella, Kai Piippo, Seren Dincel)
Photographer: Tobias Olsson, ÅF Lighting