Fonseranes Locks

Lumenpulse luminaires turn a historic engineering marvel from the 17th century into a "night destination" for tourists. 

The Fonseranes Locks, located in Beziers, France, are a set of eight ovoid staircase locks dating back to 1697. A major feat of engineering for their time, the locks and surrounding heritage features are listed as UNESCO heritage site and currently hosts more than 450,000 visitors yearly.

LUMINOcite's lighting design covers a one-kilometer expanse along the locks, highlighting the wooden pontoon, the water crib house, the locks, the ponds and the pontoons as well as the locks themselves. The Lumenpulse Lumenbeam fixtures used are DMX controlled and provide color changing light with optics that respect the surrounding dark of night. The light spill is kept to a minimum with precise optic distributions and snoot accessories and visitors meandering along the locks are treated to painterly scenes, the surrounding darkness magnifies each lighted feature with an elegant softness and subtlety. The Lumenbeams and LUMINOcite's design have created a "night destination" where pockets of illumination create plays of shadows, colored lights and reflections.

The Fonseranes Locks are an original experience where the light's relationship with the landscape design, the night and the wondrous elements of engineering is a fluid accent which creates a memorable experience in the minds of all who visit.


17 x Lumenbeam Large Colour-Changing (RGBW), Narrow 10° Spot 
5 x Lumenbeam Large Colour-Changing (RGBW), Narrow 20° Flood
8 x Lumenbeam Grande Colour-Changing (RGBW), Narrow 10° Spot
1 x Lumenbeam Medium Colour-Changing (RGBW), Narrow 10° Spot
1 x Pharos Control System

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Location: Beziers, France
Market: Infrastructure, Urban
Client: Béziers
Lighting Design: LUMINOcité
Architect: ALEP Landscape
Photographer: Technilum – Hugo Da Costa