Lumenpulse Boston Office

Lumenpulse Group's Boston office was originally established in 2011 in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood of the city.

Since then the office has grown exponentially to match the company's own perpetual growth and moved to Post Office Square in 2016. The Lumenpulse Group office now houses the company's Global Technology Center, which is a cutting-edge R&D facility, as well as its U.S. Sales Office. The expanded office also includes the Lumenpulse Group Experience Centre which is made up of educational and training spaces for clients and partners. The Center features interactive displays of the Lumenpulse and Fluxwerx products.  Lumentalk, our patented powerline communication technology is used throughout the space highlighting all of its benefits.

"Downtown Boston is an amazing location for our office space, allowing us to further capitalize on the city's creative talent, and giving us the ability to create a playground for our clients," said Greg Campbell, Senior Vice President Engineering and Chief Technology Officer at Lumenpulse. "It puts us in a great position to continue pushing the boundaries on the technological front, and really showcase the versatility and performance of our products."

The entire office acts as a showroom for luminaires, and many of their proprietorial technologies make any visit a jaw-dropping experience. If you have a chance, stop into the Boston office and see all the Lumenpulse Group luminaires being their brilliant selves.

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Market: Institutions + Workplaces