Lumentouch 2.0

Features & Benefits

Plug-and-play solution
Can be paired with Lumencue™ and Lumenstudio® software to provide a plug-and-play standalone DMX controller
Integrates with third-party control systems
RS232, Ethernet and infrared inputs enable integration with third-party building or theater management systems
Astronomical time clock and calendar events
Program by time and date, or by sunrise and sunset, anywhere in the world
Increased capabilities
True dimming, with 500 scene and 10 zone capabilities
Easy installation
Can be installed in a few minutes, for new set-ups and renovations
Elegant design
Slim profile, on-screen LCD display and universal mounting plate compatible with any electrical back box

Elegant, touch-sensitive control

Lumentouch 2.0 is an intuitive, touch sensitive DMX512 controller. An elegant update of the original Lumentouch, the Lumentouch 2.0 provides increased scene and zone capabilities, an on-screen LCD display and a sleek glass finish. Users can program, modify and trigger lighting effects and shows, dimmers, speed and color, with just a simple touch. Designed for all manner of applications, the controller is adaptable to various sizes of recessed electrical boxes and easy to install.

The hardware manager is now part of the Lumenstudio Software V2 download.

Lumentouch 2.0