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Project type: Arts + Culture
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Client: Immaculate Conception Church
Lighting Design: Design Engineers
Photographer: Brian Gunning


Our Lumentalk, Point Source and Lumencove 2.0 products put the glow back in the halo of a historic church.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Erected in 1915, the Immaculate Conception Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, was last updated in the 1980s.  It was time to modernize and repair not only structural elements of the church but also aesthetic elements such as lighting.

The design team at Design Engineers chose the linear Lumenpulse Lumencove 2.0 series to replace the metal halide floodlights that dotted the existing cornice. The Lumencove 2.0 luminaires provided soft and even uplighting, increasing the visual volume of the space as well as bringing the freshened paint and frescos on the ceiling to forefront. 

The statues located in the side altars were enlivened by track-mounted, Lumenpulse Spot Large luminaires.  These versatile and easily adjustable spots were mounted on either side and above the recesses, creating a sense of drama, accentuation of the statues, and depth of the space.

The lighting design team at Design Engineers, along with the consultation of lighting agents, JTH Lighting, not only wanted to provide a refreshing lighting scheme worthy of this holy place but they also wanted to protect its architectural significance and structural integrity while bringing new control capabilities. This led them to use Lumenpulse's Lumentalk. This proprietary technology enables digital control of LED lighting over existing AC power lines and thus, the installation of the latest LED digital technology without replacing the wiring already in the church.  Not only did this save on installation and construction costs but it preserved the church's historic architecture. It also gave the congregation the ability to adjust and create lighting schemes as they see fit, even controlling each luminaire individually basis without having to install data cables or additional circuits.

"The controls were upgraded using the data over existing power line technology, Lumentalk, to reduce the amount of demolition to the structure and to save construction dollars," said JTH Lighting, "Overall, the new LED lighting design resulted in a reduction in lighting energy of 75%."

First there was the renovations, and then there was light, and now the congregation can also enjoy their place of worship anew.

1 x Lumencove 2.0 HO, 1 ft, 3000K, frosted lens
12 x Lumencove 2.0 HO, 3 ft, 3000K, frosted lens
12 x Lumencove 2.0 HO, 4 ft, 3000K, frosted lens
8 x Lumencove 2.0 HO, 8 ft, 3000K, frosted lens
1 x LumeniD for Lumentalk
1 x Lumentouch
6 x Spot Large, 3000 lm, 3000K, Wide 60 Flood

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