Lumenpulse Illuminates Certosa di Calci

Lumentalk technology brings dynamic controls to former monastery near Pisa, Italy

Lumenpulse luminaires were used to light the Certosa di Calci as part of the Order of Architects of Pisa and MEF annual training seminars. The event, organized in part by Exenia, showcased how modern architectural LED lighting and system controls can enhance artistic and cultural buildings, while respecting the constraints of heritage architecture.

Temporary architectural lighting was introduced for key elements of the grounds, including the Facade and the Court of Honour, the Chapter Cloister, the Chapter Chapel, the Big Cloister, the Carthusian Cell and the Pharmacy. Thanks to Lumenpulse's Lumentalk technology, the Certosa staff had the ability to utilize colour-changing lighting over their existing power lines without having to install data cables, thus bringing forth a modern lighting system to the former monastery. The owners were so impressed by the capabilities of the Lumenpulse fittings, they have since installed the system.

Lumenpulse's installation at the National Museum of the Monumental Certosa di Calci near Pisa, Italy is featured in the November/December issue of Italy's Interni magazine, a reference for the country's interiors and contemporary design community.

Read the full article here (content in Italian only).

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