Lumenpulse Unveils Exenia in North America

New program of point-source luminaires fuse technical precision with decorative style.

Lumenpulse, a leader in architectural lighting solutions, announces the North American debut of Exenia, a meticulously crafted collection of point-source luminaires. Designed in Florence, Italy, Exenia embodies a heritage of design excellence and technical innovation, enhancing Lumenpulse's indoor lighting solutions.

Following Lumenpulse's acquisition of Exenia in 2015, a fruitful exchange of ideas between the two entities has resulted in luminaires that seamlessly blend elegance with technical prowess. Now, after months of collaboration between teams in Florence and Montreal, Lumenpulse proudly unveils the Exenia collection for North America.

While Lumenpulse's Lumencore range serves as a comprehensive lineup of architectural luminaires, Exenia brings a distinctive decorative touch to the table. With a penchant for miniaturization, Exenia offers designers flexibility in creating visually striking interiors, while fulfilling important project goals for energy performance, reliability, cost and sustainability.

With its collection of downlights, projectors, and decorative pendants, Exenia provides versatility across sectors such as hospitality, retail, and offices, prioritizing visual comfort with its ultra-low glare rating to ensure a pleasant lighting experience for occupants. The Exenia collection is poised to become a go-to choice for professionals seeking sophistication, flexibility, and impeccable design in their projects.

As Lumenpulse expands its indoor lighting offerings, the addition of Exenia underscores its commitment to providing specifiers with new tools for creating captivating interiors. Combining Italian design and technical precision, Lumenpulse sets a new standard for architectural lighting excellence in North America.

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