Quéribus Castle

Quéribus Castle rises into the night sky as a testament to the region's past while still preserving the night's natural darkness, thanks to Lumenpulse Lumenbeam luminaires, and the integrity of Wonderfulight's lighting design.

Quéribus Castle rises from the top of the highest peak for miles in the Aude region of France. This important Cathar stronghold, originally built in the 10th or 11thCentury, has been listed as a historic monument by the French Ministry of Culture since 1907. Quéribus Castle is a pillar of the region's past, its striking rise can be seen from a great distance, reaching into the sky and enriching the horizon.

Wonderfulight's lighting design gracefully accounted for the scale of the surrounding landscape and the meaningful position of the stronghold within the country's history. Each evening, the castle emerges into the nightscape, simultaneously revealing the silhouette of the mountainous peak on which it sits.

The Lumenbeam Grande and Lumenbeam LBX luminaires helped to put Wonderfulight's concept into reality. The castle is lit by a colder white, a reference the moonlight so prevalent in the region. The Lumenbeam luminaires grazing the exterior walls subtly accentuates the perception of the stronghold's height. The luminaires have easily created a contrast of colder whites and warmer whites on the interior walls of the castle, which allows passersby to see the depth of the castle from far off. In a similar fashion, the blue undertone of the luminaires bathing the castle's mountainous pedestal is visible from various viewpoints, while still keeping its presence in the night sky subtle and elegant. But what is most striking is that the Lumenbeam optics and ease of positioning allows the natural darkness of the region to be preserved while still emboldening the stronghold.

Thanks to Lumenpulse luminaires, and the integrity of Wonderfulight's design, Quéribus Castle rises into the night sky as a testament to the region's past that can be seen for miles away while keeping the night's natural darkness as it should be, dark.

1 x Lumenbeam Large, 4000K, Flood 40°
1 x Lumenbeam Large, 4000K, Wide 60° Flood
2 x Lumenbeam Grande, 4000K, Flood 40°
2 x Lumenbeam Grande RGBW Narrow 10° Spot
1 X Lumenbeam LBX RGBW, Narrow 20° Flood
1 x Lumenbeam LBX HO, RGBW, Narrow 10° Spot
1 x Lumenbeam LBX HO, RGBW Narrow 20° Flood
1 x Pharos Control System

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Location: Quéribus Castle, Cucugnan, France
Market: Arts + Culture
Client: Ministry of Culture
Lighting Design: Wonderfulight