OpticolorTM relies upon three dimensions of patented technology to give you zero mix distance, pleasing visuals, and precise uniformity of colour. Through sophisticated electro-mechanical designs, configurable, multi-die LED clusters, and proprietary optics uniquely designed for the luminaire, Opticolor enables revolutionised colour combinations that are mixed-at-source within a prismatic, jewel-like optic.

OptidriveTM is a Lumenpulse proprietary technology that optimises an individual colour, or colour mix, to its maximum available output while maintaining Lumenpulse's legendary colour consistency and quality of light. Opticolor gives you three incredible benefits: Color Gain, Color Balance, and virtually, two fixtures in one. 

Lumendrive™ removes the need for power supplies. The ASIC technology directly powers, dims and controls LEDs, providing greater efficiency, smaller size and a lifetime no longer restricted by third-party components. Learn more about Lumendrive.

Lumentalk™ is a breakthrough technology that enables digital control of LED lighting over existing AC power lines, maximising cost and energy savings. With Lumentalk, electrical wiring becomes a stable, noise-free, high-speed communications link, enabling LED fixtures to be reliably controlled without additional wiring for data. The technology is protocol independent, making it compatible with common dimmer and control standards: Triac, 0-10V, DMX.

Remote Device Management (RDM) is an enhancement of DMX, allowing full bi-directional control and communication for simple, convenient commissioning. With RDM, luminaires can communicate important information, such as their address, status, temperature and predicted lifetime expectancy. They can also be discovered, updated or re-commissioned at any time - with just a simple click.

Lumenbin™ is a proprietary binning method that ensures colour temperature consistency across all discreet Lumenpulse luminaires - overcoming a typical challenge for specifiers of LED lighting. Using a proprietary manufacturing and supply chain process, Lumenbin technology guarantees a consistent colour temperature within a 2 or 3-step MacAdam ellipse.

An innovative dual chamber thermal design system, Lumencool™ is used in many of Lumenpulse's fixtures. The technology allows air to flow between the driver and LED board, maximising the surface area, increasing output and resulting in Lumenpulse's industry-leading L70 LED lifetimes of up to 120,000 hours. By separating the driver components from the light sources, the technology also improves the sustainability of the system, enabling simple component replacement prolonging the life of the luminaire.

Lumencurve™ is a proprietary technology embedded in Lumenpulse luminaires that ensures consistency of dimming performance across product families and control protocols.

Lumenlife is a patented technology that calculates the true life expectancy of a luminaire, by taking into account environmental factors - including operation temperature and dimming usage - that influence a system's lifetime. The technology gives lifetime feedback and can even issue alerts as the system starts to approach the end of its useful lifetime.

A controls-agnostic plug and play 48VDC system that can create scalable yet simple lighting projects that are low maintenance and optimised for efficiency.

Dim to Warm is an embedded Lumenpulse technology that reduces a luminaire's colour temperature when dimmed, allowing for smooth variations in warm white light (from 2700K to 2200K). The technology uses a predefined dimming curve to replicate the familiar, natural feeling of dimmed incandescent. Learn more about Dim to Warm.

Dynamic Warm is a Lumenpulse technology offering full flexibility in tuning luminaire colour temperature (2200K to 3000K). As applications and needs change, dynamic warm adapts, creating perfect warm light for all settings. Learn more about Dynamic Warm.

Dynamic White is a Lumenpulse technology offering full flexibility in tuning luminaire colour temperature (2700K to 6500K). As applications and needs change, dynamic white adapts, creating perfect white light for all settings. Learn more about Dynamic White.