Promenades Cathédrale

A somber underground food court gets completely transformed with airier interiors and cool white LED cove lighting, for a bright above-ground feel.

Part of Montreal's famed "Underground City," the subterranean Promenades Cathédrale shopping center is beyond the reaches of natural daylight. Despite occupying a lot of space, the Promenades food court was barely frequented by customers. The previous lighting scheme, conceived in the 1980s when the shopping center was built, hardly gave them a reason to linger.

So Oxford Properties Group, the owner of Promenades Cathédrale, hired architects Groupe Archifin to redesign the food court, interior designers GH+A Design to furnish the space, and Lightstudio Design to create a new lighting concept for the large space. Their mission was to refresh the environment and give it newer, more serene "above-ground" feel.

Lightstudio Design chose Lumencove and Lumenfacade Interior fixtures to replace the incandescent sources that had been installed in the food court. "For cove lighting, LED was the only consideration," says Linda Lees from Lightstudio Design, adding that the goal was to soften the space, have a consistent color temperature, and to support the interior design, which completely reconfigured the food court's layout.

Because certain areas offered very little ceiling cavity height, the Lumencove's slim form was ideal. The Lumenfacade Interior fixtures were installed against a glass panel along one of the walls, giving it a luminous appearance. "We know how robust and reliable Lumenpulse products are," Lees reports, adding, "the range of optics available for the Lumenfacade was superb."

As a result, the whole space is airier and brighter. The increased seating has also generated more revenue for the restaurant franchises at the Promenades food court. All this, Lees says, has made for a very positive reaction from the customers, who were the reason for the makeover.

Equipment Specified
550 x Lumencove HO (1', 4000K)
2 x Lumenfacade Interior HO (2', 4000K, 10° x 60°)
12 x Lumenfacade Interior HO (4', 4000K, 10° x 60°)

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Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Hospitality, Retail
Client: Oxford Properties Group
Lighting Design: Lightstudio Design
Architect: Groupe Archifin Inc.
Designer: GH+A Design

We know how robust and reliable Lumenpulse products are. The range of optics available for the Lumenfacade was superb.

Linda Lees
Lightstudio Design