BC Place

Lighting designers CM Kling + Associates used a range of Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam fixtures to give Vancouver's BC Place stadium a renewed, dynamic presence on the city's skyline.

Lighting designer CM Kling+Associates has utilized a range of Lumenpulse's Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam fixtures to create spectacular light shows and signature looks for Vancouver's landmark BC Place stadium.

When stadium owner BC Pavilion Corporation commissioned a massive renovation project for BC Place, the multi-purpose venue in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, it took the opportunity to reinvent the guest experience and the look and feel of the much-loved venue from the inside and out.

Two major elements of the $563 million revitalization included a spectacular retractable roof and a façade of translucent polymer. Lighting consultant CM Kling+Associates chose high-output, fully controllable Lumenpulse LED fixtures to bring the new structural changes to life, creating light shows for the stadium's home sports teams and color-branding for the building itself.

The lighting focuses in three key areas: the façade, the roof, and the support structures of masts and cables. Lumenfacade RGB fixtures illuminate the façade and its the 1700 ETFE panels with fixed colors belonging to the home teams or gradually moving abstracted, color-changing content.

The first third elevation of the roof, the most visible from the pedestrian plaza and the surrounding street level is the most brightly illuminated with Lumenbeam fixtures mounted on the ring beam around the stadium. The next two thirds are lit from the 36 perimeter masts that support the roof. Each fixture is aimed to bathe a specific wedge-shaped segment of roof in a myriad of colors and focused precisely to give uniform illumination.

To finish off the stunning lighting design, fixtures sit on the cables that traverse the roof offering a star-like effect. All of the façade and roof lighting is controlled by a Pharos controller, which enables a wide range of both static and dynamic programming, with over 26,000 channels to address.

Equipment Specified
1,616 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (4', 30˚ x 60˚)
76 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (3', 30˚ x 60˚)
24 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (2', 30˚ x 60˚)
12 x Lumenfacade Color Changing (1', 30˚ x 60˚)
92 x Lumenfacade (4', 3000K, 30˚ x 60˚)
4 x Lumenfacade (3', 3000K, 30˚ x 60˚)
26 x Lumenfacade (2', 3000K, 30˚ x 60˚)
16 x Lumenfacade (1', 3000K, 30˚ x 60˚)
293 x Lumenbeam Large Color Changing (Flood 40˚ optic, 72 with custom snoot)
144 x Lumenbeam Large (4000K, very narrow 6˚ optic, with custom snoot)
72 x Lumenbeam LBX Color Changing (with custom optics)

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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Market: Sports + Entertainment
Client: Pavco
Lighting Design: C.M. Kling & Associates
Architect: Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Engineer: Genivar

It is very elegant and creates what could be described as an ethereal light.

David Ghatan
C. M. Kling & Associates