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Market: Arts + Culture
Location: New York City, New York, United States
Client: The Howard Hughes Corporation
Lighting Design: L’Observatoire International
Architect: SHoP Architects
Photographer: C. Taylor Crothers


Over one thousand Lumenfacade luminaires turn a fresh New York waterfront retail and entertainment building into a brilliant ‘jewel box' to look at and visit.

Pier 17

The eastern waterfront of Lower Manhattan has been revitalized thanks to SHoP Architects's new glass-covered, four-story food and retail mecca. Pier 17, has a 1.5-acre rooftop with restaurants and concert space and a sweeping view of New York and its surrounds. To add a gleam worthy of this new jewel, L'Observatoire International created a lighting design using Lumenpulse luminaires.

L'Observatoire International's design for the facade, roof spaces, and all interior and exterior public spaces, is nothing short of brilliant. Using over one thousand Lumenpulse Lumenfacade luminaires, a unified, dynamic and customizable lighting design was put in place that can be easily customized to follow an annual and daily programme to celebrate lunar cycles, special events and holidays. The Lumenfacade RGBW luminaires were incorporated into the top and bottom of the glass channels of the outer skin of the building, uplighting and downlighting the interior of the three stories of glass.

The fully programmable ‘jewel box' — which many have been calling Pier 17 due to its lighting — has connected the Manhattan and Brooklyn waterfronts while also creating a beacon of commerce, entertainment and celebration in a once neglected part of New York City.

628 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 1ft, 10x10
314 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 1ft 30x60
8 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 2ft, 10x10
4 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 2ft, 30x60
424 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 3ft, 10x0
212 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 3ft, 30x60
100 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing RGBW, 4ft, 30x60
1 x LumeniD

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