180 Wellington

An icon of Canada's capital region comes to light using Lumenfacade luminaires.

The recently restored Wellington Building is the first to be lit following the newly implemented Master Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct in Canada's capital, Ottawa. Returned to its 1920s splendor, the onetime insurance building now house MP offices, a library, and governmental meeting rooms. Public Works and Government Services Canada turned to lighting design firm Lightemotion to highlight this stunning example of Beaux-Arts architecture and sets it aglow with subtle elegance.

"We employed a theatrical approach to lighting with very detailed control systems to avoid flooding the building with light" states Francois Roupinian, Founder of Lightemotion, "Delicate, beautiful accents on key architectural features preserve the historic integrity of its architecture while maintaining a cohesive luminous environment with the neighboring buildings." 

On the ground level along Wellington Street, Lightemotion employed Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Remote 2-foot luminaires to light the inner window arches. At a 3000k color temperature, they give the façade an organic glow without compromising the resonance of the natural stone. The Lumenpulse Lumenfacades used in this area are equipped with a custom cage that matches the stone façade, this cage both protects and hides the luminaires within the façade.

Between each of the building's columns and pilasters, Lumenfacade Horizontal luminaires were placed to add drama and create a softer light while also making these architectural elements stand out from the façade. The light intentionally bleeds up and onto the cornices, so as to allow additional light onto the façade.

The DALI lighting control system allows each luminaire to be individually controlled; lighting levels can be specifically tailored to each area of the building depending on the nature of the architectural features and reflectivity of the surfaces. The strategically placed strokes of light covering all four-tiers of the building accentuate and underscore this historic landmark's eminence in a timeless, lasting design that enhances its beauty. 

As Ottawa's Master Plan comes to light, it is clear that the lighting design and the luminaires used for 180 Wellington Street is the standard to follow. 


24 x Lumenfacade Horizontal, 1ft, 3000K, 10°x10°
30 x Lumenfacade Horizontal, 1ft, 3000K, 10°x60°
41 x Lumenfacade Horizontal, 2ft, 3000K, 10°x60°
7 x Lumenfacade Horizontal, 3ft, 3000K, 10°x60°
24 x Lumenfacade Horizontal HO, 3ft, 3000K, 10°x60°
89 x Lumenfacade Horizontal, 4ft, 3000K, 10°x60°
30 x Lumenfacade Horizontal HO, 4ft, 3000K, 10°x60°
8 x Lumenfacade Remote, 2ft, 3000K, 10°x60°

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Location: 180, rue Wellington, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Market: Institutions + Workplaces
Client: Public Works and Government Services Canada
Lighting Design: Lightemotion
Architect: NORR Limited
Contractor: Pomerleau
Photographer: Gordon King