Project details

Market: Urban
Location: Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States
Client: BPG Properties, Ltd.
Architect: Orsatti & Stuart Associates Inc.
Photographer: Jeffrey Totaro


Lumenpulse Allegra and Pure luminaires go the distance and supply safety while complimenting the aesthetics of the Ellis Preserve Town Centre.

Ellis Preserve Town Center

Ellis Preserve is a 218-acre development located in the heart of Newtown, Pennsylvania. BPG Properties recently redeveloped the area to be a multi-faceted service, retail and residential "park" while retaining a number of historic and cultural buildings and integrated them into the overall plan. 

The aesthetics of the Preserve is complimentary neo-historic, the architecture of the new buildings pays tribute to the historic surrounds while supplying modern conveniences and amenities.

The walkway area around the Ellis Preserve, primarily used for the surrounding service and retail outlets, needed lighting that would not only flatter the neo-historic aesthetics of the Center, but still provided users with modern, high-performance lighting that would create a safe, easy-to-use space for clients, customers and residents. The Lumenpulse Allegra and Pure luminaires were able to do just that and blend with the architecture through their classic aesthetics and forms.

The Allegra and Pure fixtures, designed to be Dark Sky friendly, keep the stars bright and lights the walkway areas surrounding the shops. Not only are the pedestrians and motorists given safe roadways and pedestrian ways, but the surrounding storefronts, foliage and night sky are spared the burden of light spill.

The Ellis Preserve Town Center is a masterclass in parking and walkway lighting thanks to Allegra luminaires and their flexibility.


11 x Allegra 7200, 3000lm, 3000K
84 x Pure 312V, 9000lm, 3000K

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