The Strathcona Hotel

Approaching its 100th year, The Strathcona Hotel revives its place on the downtown Victoria scene with six Lumenbeam Larges providing colorful grazing. The entire installation uses just 600 watts.

The Strathcona Hotel is an early twentieth century downtown Victoria landmark that first opened in 1913. The hotel underwent a major renovation that included guest rooms and entertainment attractions such as the Stickey Wicket Pub and the rooftop sand floor volley ball court.  

The architectural rhythm of the façade is expressed horizontally by five windows designed in the three-panel Chicago-style. They are placed in an off-white masonry structural frame with surface detailing. To promote its upgraded image, management commissioned new exterior lighting.

Consultant Darren Luce, of CD/M2 Lightworks, positioned single 50-watt Lumenbeam Large color changing fixtures to uplight each of the six vertical frame members. "They are mounted on the cornice above the entry," says Luce. "We used the narrow spot 10˚ optic option to focus the beam on the building itself without any spill into the night sky. There's an observatory in the area, so it was important to tightly direct the upward light to highlight the vertical members in the position where we wanted the emphasis to be," Luce says. Total wattage for the entire façade illumination was less than 600 watts.

Equipment Specified
6 x Lumenbeam Large Color Changing (RGB mixing, narrow spot 10˚ optic)

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Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Market: Hospitality
Lighting Design: CDm2 LIGHTWORKS
Photographer: Steve Bedard