Features & Benefits

Simple, convenient commissioning
Simplify fixture discovery of any RDM-enabled device on the network
Bi-Directional communication
RDM-enabled fixtures feedback important information, including DMX addresses, parameters, descriptions, and temperature
Increased flexibility
Fixture features can be re-discovered, updated, or re-commissioned at any time – without having to climb a ladder
Remote DMX addressing
Remotely queries and updates DMX address and other parameters
Live monitoring
Error alert system reports potential issues, including "Over Temperature" and "Over Voltage"
Future firmware updates
Allows for easy discovery and updating of fixture firmware via fixture firmware bootloader

From ease of commissioning to monitoring and control, installers and owners can attain efficiencies and subtleties they never thought possible.

Steven Rosen
Available Light

Smart, bi-directional control and communication

Remote Device Management (RDM) is an enhancement of DMX, allowing full bi-directional control and communication for simple, convenient commissioning. With RDM, luminaires can communicate important information, such as their address, status, temperature and predicted lifetime expectancy. They can also be discovered, updated or re-commissioned at any time - with just a simple click. By giving luminaires a voice, RDM simplifies the maintenance of your lighting system, isolating and identifying potential issues and problem devices.


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