We make light that opens up landscapes.

Light that ushers you into the world around you.

Light that forms and transforms our experience.

Our urban dependence has distanced most of us from the natural world. In many cases, outdoor sites and environments are too often just the spaces between "A" and "B," or seen as places of leisure that we visit when we can. They are often an afterthought or just an aesthetic addition to please the eye. But when they are properly planned, they are so much more. We know the regenerative nature of nature and how it is an integral part of our humanity. We need regular visits and interactions with nature to remain healthy. Culturally, we need sites to gather in, open urban areas where the sky is possible, places to meet, wander, and contemplate. Urban sites and areas are human spaces that require human lighting.

Treating the lighting of outdoor sites and areas as we do the lighting of interior, lived-in spaces is thepassion driving our area lighting offerings. To light sites and environments at the human level, for allof us who may find ourselves not just traveling from "A" to "B" but soaking in the journey or pausingto enjoy our surroundings. Our luminaires not only attract people while providing them with a safelylit area, they also help to protect the night sky and surroundings from unwanted light. We've thought a lot about what makes an outdoor area memorable and unique, and we've thought a lot about our environment. Our outdoor luminaires are at the cross-section of these thoughts. Our luminaires are designed and built to enrich your experience wherever you may find yourself. In this book of possibilities, we hope you, too, are inspired by light.

Output. Options. Optics. Outdoors. They all begin with Lumencentro. Precision distributions. Brilliant efficacy.

To look further into the night, look for "Powered by Lumencentro" when choosing your site and area luminaires.