Getting You There

Our end-to-end design ownership means our luminaires work in unison, across product families, so landscape designers, lighting designers, architects, and city planners can create a consistent aesthetic across multiple applications. Read on to learn of all the ways Lumenpulse is committed to lighting bridges and infrastructure.

The Road to Success

Our decades of earned industrial and technological knowledge, proven by multiple bridge and infrastructure projects the world over, has given us a reputation for luminaires that are adaptable to numerous applications, have outstanding lifetimes, and an unmatched quality of light. To learn more, please visit the brochure below.

Buy America•n

Lumenpulse is ready to meet your Buy America, Buy American, and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act project needs. Our US facility manufactures Lumenpulse products that meet or exceed Federal regulations and laws, making it easy for you to keep your project compliant. A number of our products are BAA-configurable directly through our website and the Agent Portal.

Please get in touch with your Sales Representative to learn more about how Lumenpulse is committed to keeping your project compliant.