Transwestern Offices

Gensler uses Lumenpulse Cylinders fixtures to light an office that focuses on employee wellness while also embodying an enhanced community-facing architectural design.

In designing Transwestern's new Phoenix headquarters, Gensler created a community-facing, open concept, collaborative office environment with 18-foot ceilings and glass walls that open to an outdoor patio area in order to engage with the community through gatherings, broker events, networking, art and social opportunities. 

Upon entering the open office, a custom marble desk with high-top chairs is the first element that greets guests. To illuminate the 11-foot-long table, Gensler chose Lumenpulse Cylinder Nano Pendant Mount luminaires to double as both decorative and general lighting atop the table and throughout this busy area.  This highly versatile workspace is also a meeting spot for employees and a focal point for food and beverages during special events.

Elsewhere in this open area, the slim, direct/indirect Cylinder Nano Wall Mount luminaires graze columns, keeping the character of the building's raw material within the eye's reach of anyone in the space. The high ceilings use the Cylinder Nano Pendant Mount luminaire's form factor to create a unique lighting signature that allows for the spaciousness of the ceilings to feel welcoming and comfortable for both employees and guests.

The Cylinder Nano luminaires create a consistent shape throughout the "human-centric" space, highlight columns, tabletops, providing pendant-mount general lighting while also being flexible enough to create an atmosphere and a comfortable working environment all in one slim form factor. The Cylinders luminaires give the design the perfect amount of detail to make the illumination unforgettable without stealing the entire show.

12 x Cylinder Nano Wall Mount (Direct/Indirect, 3500K, Extra Narrow Spot 5°)
114 x Cylinder Nano Pendant Mount Integral (3500K, Wide 60°)

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Ubicación: Phoenix, Arizona, EE. UU.
Tipo de proyecto: Instituciones y lugares de trabajo
Cliente: Transwestern
Diseño de iluminación: Gensler Architecture and Design Inc.
Arquitecto: Gensler Architecture and Design Inc.
Furniture Dealer: Corporate Interior Systems | Knoll
Structural: PK Associates
Ingenierio eléctrico: Henderson Engineers
Fotógrafo: Gensler / Ryan Gobuty