Olympic Park Esplanade: Vans Skatepark

A Montreal mecca for skateboarders gets additional facilities and the perfect lighting to facilitate the various needs of the athletes that are making it their second home.

The Olympic Park's Esplanade area has recently opened a brand-new sports facility: the Vans Skatepark. This international caliber skatepark is the first such permanent facility to be installed at an existing Olympic site and has already hosted a few world-class events.

Between August 2020 and June 2021, the 900 mconcrete dome skatepark place was refurbished. It received a new lighting scheme to provide the proper safety on the freshly constructed street course, and the other many architectural elements in the park.

The use of Lumenpulse Lumenbeam luminaires provide the right light for added visual safety while also supplying the perfect light for the countless videos and photographs that will be, and have already been, captured on site. The tapered poles used are 40-feet tall and support up to ten Lumenbeam Large luminaires. The ability of the Lumenbeam luminaires to provide thorough general lighting for such spaces is largely due to their optics and output, and their ability to reach their lighting target from nearly 40 feet.

Both amateur and professional skateboarders use the park, the Lumenpulse luminaires provide every user with what they need, the ability to see and be seen.

26 x Lumenbeam Large (3500K, Flood 40º)
28 x Lumenbeam Large (3500K, Medium 30º)
52 x Lumenbeam Large (3500K, Narrow Flood 20º)

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Ubicación: Montréal, Quebec, Canadá
Tipo de proyecto: Deportes y entretenimiento
Cliente: Régie des Installations Olympiques
Arquitecto: Lemay & associés
Ingeniero: SNC Lavalin
Fotógrafo: Vincent Brillant