Newport Marriott Hotel

Designers CM KLING + ASSOCIATES INC. used Lumencove Nano 2.0 luminaires to give the nautical themed Marriott Hotel a subtle, color changing lighting system.

The waterfront Marriott Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island recently got a fresh and modern nautical-themed look, following an ambitious renovation project. HKS Architects partnered with interior designers Malcolm Berg EoA and CM KLING + ASSOCIATES INC. to relight the space.

"Our primary focus was to find an efficient lighting system that was powerful, yet subtle to create a dramatic effect and fit with the overall architecture," says David Ghatan, President of CM KLING + ASSOCIATES INC.

To achieve this, the firm used Lumencove Nano 2.0, altering the color temperature, size and installation method for each space in the hotel. Chosen not only for its strong output performance, the Lumencove Nano provide a broad dimming range and a hint of color.

In the hotel's atrium - an impressively tall space - the cove fixtures were installed in the feature wave-like undulating wall niche. The Lumencove Nano RGBW fixtures were programmed with a variety of presets, including watercolor hues for most days, and red and rich amber hues during the sunset hour. "Creating a sense of scale that feels comfortable can be challenging," says Ghatan. "Incorporating the color changing lights into the architecture helped bring the lighting down and create an experience on a human scale."

Ghatan also specified Lumenpulse luminaires to create a signature look in the restaurant's floating wood planks ceiling. With limited space in which to mount the lights, luminaire size was paramount. "We needed fixtures with high outputs on a small scale to integrate into the constricted architectural spaces," adds Ghatan.

The end result gives the Marriott Newport a modern elegance, while remaining faithful to the city's seaside character. "Lighting plays such a key role in the transformation of the space", adds Ghatan. "Now, all the elements become alive after dark and the true magic of the new lighting shines."


40 x Lumencove Nano, 4', 3000K
28 x Lumencove Nano, 1', 3000K
99 x Lumencove 2.0 Color-Changing , 1'
1 x Lumentouch 2.0
1 x LumenID

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Ubicación: Newport, Rhode Island, EE. UU.
Tipo de proyecto: Hostelería
Diseño de iluminación: CM Kling + Associates Inc.
Diseño de interiores: Malcolm Berg EoA
Arquitecto: HKS Architects
Fotógrafo: Roberto Farren