lumenfacade nano
Hiding in Plain Sight

Full-Scale Features,
Small-Scale Fixture

Since its introduction, Lumenfacade Nano has continually punched above its weight class. Now, with heightened performance, new wattages, CRI 90+, and multiple 3G vibration rated options, you genuinely get a smallscale premium fixture with full-scale features.

Higher Wattages
and Outputs

3G Vibration-Rated
Mounting Options

CRI 80+ and CRI 90+
Color Rendering

Minimal Visibility in
Low-Scale Applications

Attuned Mountings

Optimal Optics
and Accessories

Offering a wealth of possibilities for architectural and commercial applications, the Lumenfacade Nano with its premium features and minimalist design can enhance every architecture, all the while hiding in plain sight.

Powered by Lumengrid

No power supply inside the fixtures means
they will last as long as the LEDs keep shining.


Architecturally Attuned Optical Accessories

The Lumenfacade Nano optical accessories are a natural extension of its design. The tool-free installation of accessories lets you add louvers or visors on-site.

Fast Is Even Faster and Foolproof
The Lumenfacade Nano's quick-joining system simplifies installation, allowing instant seamless connection.