The Samuel De Champlain Bridge Takes on the Colours of the Rainbow

On Sunday evening, the Samuel De Champlain Bridge took on the colors of the rainbow, a new symbol of hope throughout the province of Quebec during the crisis caused by COVID-19. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement earlier on Sunday at his daily press briefing.

With the collaboration of Infrastructure Canada, the bridge's lighting took on a new life by transforming into a rainbow of lights in hopes to boost the morale of Montrealers and South Shore residents and also, a gesture to warm the hearts of those who may find this period of isolation and social distancing difficult.

Through the collaborations of many, the lighting design of the Champlain Bridge uses Lumenbeam luminaires to flood the lower bowl of the bridge and create a continuous line of light on the exterior of the structure.

Find out more about the Lumenbeam family here.

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