Lumenpulse Wins Three LIT Lighting Design Awards

Lumenbeam Grande, Lumenfacade Inground and Lumencove Nano 2.0 Selected as Winners by International Design Awards

Lumenpulse LED luminaires are winners in this year's Light in Theory (LIT) Design Awards. The winning products - including Lumenbeam Grande in the category of Outdoor Spotlight, Lumenfacade Inground for LED lighting products and fixtures and Lumencove Nano 2 as Best Cove Lighting Product - were awarded the prizes by an esteemed jury of global design leaders in the fields of lighting design, interior design and architecture.

"We are very honored and extremely proud to have been awarded LIT Design Awards," said Jean Clermont, General Manager of Lumenpulse. "These are foundational products for Lumenpulse and perfectly embody our philosophy of merging strong industrial design and electronics. To be recognized by the design industry is a yet more validation of our innovations in architectural lighting."

The Lumenbeam Grande is a game changer for designers; the luminaire has been designed to accentuate or floodlight architectural exteriors and façades. A member of the award-winning Lumenbeam family, the Lumenbeam Grande is versatile and highly sustainable with an L70 maintenance of 120,000 hours, making it adaptable to a variety of lighting schemes. Rich in options, the Lumenbeam Grande delivers optics for flood or accent lighting; various color temperatures and colors (RGB, RGBW or RGBA); mounting options, and an array of control protocols.

The breakthrough design of Lumenfacade Inground provides unmatched performance and versatility while meeting all inground-recessed lighting needs with ease. The Lumenfacade Inground has separate optical and power supply chambers, ensuring that the IP68-sealed design is secure and protected. Among 15 optical distributions is an innovative, asymmetric optic that achieves an exceptional true uniformity (up to 1:3.2 min:max) and high mean illuminance with optimal spacing and setback. The wide range of applications for Lumenfacade Inground makes it ideal for asymmetric wallwashing, grazing, and even linear wayfinding.

The Lumencove Nano 2.0 is a dimmable cove lighting system that, for the first time, eliminates the need for a power supply. The Lumencove Nano uses new Lumendrive technology, a specialized ASIC chip designed to power and control LEDs directly from the AC mains, while allowing full digital dimming and control.

"The Lumencove Nano breaks free from dependence on traditional power supplies, which has always limited the performance and durability of LED lighting," said Greg Campbell, Senior Vice President Engineering and Chief Technology Officer of the Lumenpulse Group. "We feel that this is a real innovation for the industry, and we're happy to have been recognized for it."

The Lumencove Nano delivers an unprecedented efficacy of up to 114 lm/W and 467 lumens per section. Without onboard third-party components, it can also be smaller and thinner, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with architecture, without ever sacrificing sustainability.

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 About the LIT Design Awards
The LIT Design Awards™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. We believe that lighting is an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design. LIT was envisioned to celebrate the creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting products and application.

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