Lumenpulse Launches Nine New Optics for Lumenfacade Luminaires

Lumenpulse has upgraded its Lumenfacade family of luminaires with nine outstanding new optic offerings across the entire range. Easily configurable, these luminaires grant users a toolbox brimming with features and solutions to can easily be tailor fit to an abundance of applications, new verticals and designs.

With a total of 15 optical distributions to choose from, no other luminaire gives the architectural specification market the variety of possibilities for grazing (10ºx30º, 10ºx60º, 10ºx90º, 15ºx25º), accenting (8ºx8º, 10ºx10º, 30ºx30º, 35ºx35º), floodlighting (30ºx60º, 60ºx60º, 50ºx80º, 80ºx80º,90ºx90º), wallwashing and direct view.

The Lumenfacade luminaires' precision optics allow to place light exactly where it is needed, delivering an exceptional 77,896 peak candelas for the new 8-degree by 8-degree optic, enough to put 1 fc of light at a distance of 279 feet.

Coinciding with the new optics launch, a Lumenfacade Application Guide is available for download. This guide will aid in finding the Lumenfacade luminaire that is a perfect fit for any project, as well as to inform architects, lighting designers and electrical engineers of the multitude of design possibilities and new application options.

Please consult Lumenfacade product pages for new performance data, ies files and specification sheets.

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