Lightfair Innovation Award 2011: Best in Category Winner

Lumenbeam LBX


The Lumenbeam LBX is an IP66 rated architectural high performance projector that is perfect for all white or RGB architectural flood lighting applications in both exterior and large public interior spaces.  Part of a product family, it enables interior/exterior design consistency and flexibility with 4 optics and various mounting options. A 120-277 intelligent multivoltage luminaire, it is available in white 2700K, 3000K and 4000K (4000K, 6° optic distributes 318,392 + candelas with a 1fc min at 564ft), and RGB (6° optic distributes 182,487 candelas with a 1fc min at 427ft). Uses less than 150 watts. Dual chamber technology enables easy access for maintenance, and heat dissipation, making it fully sustainable.  



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