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Project type: Sports + Entertainment, Arts + Culture, Urban
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Artist: KAZ Shirane
Photographer: Sean Deckert


Lumenpulse luminaires bend reality in a giant, interactive 3D kaleidoscope created by artist KAZ Shirane and produced by Reuben Young. 

What's amazing about Lumenpulse's technology is the quality of the lighting effects they can create, effects which have the power to uplift and inspire people. Lumenpulse played a critical role in bringing this work to life in Australasia, Asia and in the USA.

Reuben Young
Light Origami

Light Origami

KAZ Shirane's work, titled Light Origami, folds light like paper. That's right.

Light Origami functions like a cylindrical kaleidoscope.  "However, on this scale, viewers become participants and co-creators; each movement is reflected in the mirrored panels, the colors they wear are incorporated into the presentation of pattern and light, and when they look in different directions, perspectives are altered," says Shirane.

A steel frame houses over 320 origami shapes made from aluminum composite mirror panels. Changing spectrums of light are projected within the space, and mirrored against the aluminum composite panels, and both reality and light are folded like paper.

Originally commissioned for Vivid Sydney 2015, the work has since been travelling around the world, and was recently part of Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light, an interactive arts festival in Arizona presented by the Scottsdale Public Art and Salt River Project, as well as by i Light Marina Bay 2016, in Singapore.

‘'Because this was a lighting event, I had to make sure that light made an impact on people. We live in such a crazy, busy time where everyone is constantly moving between home and office. I wanted to create an interactive, immersive space that gave people the opportunity to step into a new extraordinary world and feel uplifted,'' said Shirane.

The installation uses four Lumenbeam Large Color Changing luminaires with a narrow, 20-degree beam angle to illuminate the exterior of the dome, making it visible along the banks of the Arizona Canal from a distance.

‘‘Lumenpulse products are very high quality. There are many color ranges and they are stable, so I didn't have to worry about the lighting equipment when the event was happening,'' said Shirane. As for the public, they loved the experience. ‘‘Everyone was moved when they entered inside.''

The Lumenpulse luminaires lent their sturdy, weatherproof hands to make KAZ Shirane's fantastic vision a reality. And light, as we know, can be a transformative element that moves the mind and conjures the imagination, in the right hands it can blur the line between fantasy and reality so that we can understand ourselves all the better.  


8 x Lumenbeam Medium Color-Changing, 6° degree optic
8 x Lumenfacade Color-Changing, 2', 10° x 60°
4 x Lumenbeam Large Color-Changing, 20° degree optic
1 x Lumentouch 2.0


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