Boutique Quartz Co.

A Montreal-based fashion house creates a brick-and-mortar concept store where the lighting and interior design flawlessly echo their brand. 

Quartz Co.'s concept store in the heart of Montreal's Mile End is a minimalist design space showcasing their latest clothing collections and complementary products. The physical retail outlet had to match the brand's stylish, sleek, and contemporary Nordic-inspired designs, showcasing their products "in the best light" possible, while also matching their neighbouring storefront manufacturing facility. Blanchette Architectes used Lumenpulse's track-mounted Spot Small luminaires to create the perfect unifying atmosphere for the brand and customers.

The compact, high-performance Spot Small combines minimal size with a powerful output, providing the storefront with the precise lighting attention it needs while remaining easily versatile when the storefront display changes. In this way, the Spot Small luminaires help ensure that the lighting for this retail space remains future proof: it is adaptable to each season—in both the fashion and natural sense—as well as changing displays, keeping a consistent high-quality, premium experience that echoes the products themselves.

Above the clothing racks, behind the aluminum grill ceiling, PACO luminaires supply the general lighting needed to bathe the floorspace and supply customers to accurately enjoy the details of the store's merchandise while also contributing to the space's overall ambiance. 

The combination of these luminaires creates a future-proof lighting scheme that is flexible enough to host events or highlight products, as well as to be redirected and tuned to a variety of purposes. Already the talk of the neighbourhood, if not the town, Quartz, Co. is extending its reach with the help of Lumenpulse solutions, not only attracting more customers but exciting their imaginations with style.

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Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Retail
Client: Quartz Co.
Architect: Blanchette Architectes
Interior Design: Quartz Co., Blanchette Architectes, Rainville Sangaré
Furniture Dealer: Rainville Sangaré
Photographer: Rainville Sangaré