Lumenquad has rounded yet another corner.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Grande.

The sleek and elegant Lumenquad,
with its 3 in profile and inconspicuous
wiring or hardware, is one of the
toughest luminaires on the market.

With an IP66 rating and  IK10 tempered
glass, the Lumenquad can take what's
out there and then some.

The Lumenquad Advantage

For every design there is an optic, for every architecture, a mounting option.  For every installation, a control. For every ambiance, a color temperature.  For every height, an output. For every design there is a Lumenquad that can  be personalized, whether it be dramatic accentuation or discreet floodlighting. Indoor or out, it's hip to be square.

The fluid integration and ease of "in-the-field" installation is what makes Lumenquad's accessories noticeable yet natural.

The improved pivot gives you accuracy and stability angled precisely to your application and vision.

Why paint by numbers when you can make a quantum leap with Lumenquad?

The Math is Easy