Wherever life might take you, Lumencloud gives you remote access to your lighting controllers through a safe and easy to use web-based interface. Lumencloud allows you to control your lighting systems on any device as if you were standing before your controller, on-site.

Your Illumination,
Your Way

Lumencloud allows you, your building manager, controls expert, lighting designer, or anyone you choose to connect to your lighting system remotely. They can update your system, control, configure, or upload a new show, as well as change tasks, scheduling, and meet all your control needs through this "always-on" connection from wherever they are.

Key Features of Lumencloud

Upload Show Files

Schedule Tasks

Control Panel Access

Device Triggers

Control Multiple Projects

View System Status

Works Over Any Internet Connection

Adjust Hardware Settings Remotely

Set Remote User Permissions

Multi-site Access and Consistency

Do you have multiple sites that need to be consistently lit? Lumencloud allows you to program the same schedule, look, and feel across all of them. With Lumencloud connectivity, you can easily update multiple sites from anywhere.

Designed Independence

Formulated to work independently of a building's IT-managed network, Lumencloud works over any web-based connection to provide safe and fast access to your lighting controls. If an on-site wired Internet connection is unavailable or not preferred, an available cellular connection option gives you dependable, end-to-end encryption. That's independence.  

*The cellular connection option requires an appropriate Lumencloud subscription add-on.