Features & Benefits

In fine form
A natural, geometric synchronicity that embodies modern performance. Our definitive light engine, Lumencentro, is fully integrated into an organically shaped fixture
Phenomenal photometrics
Three board sizes, a choice of distributions, and the security of knowing our optics put light where it’s needed most. Up to 130 lm/W and up to 21078 lm
Take the heat off
Lumencentro’s innovative design uses Lumencool™ technology to regulate temperature and increase outputs
Colour consistency
While others boast they are best-in-class with a 4 SDCM, we humbly point out, Lumencentro offers 3 SDCM at CRI 70+ and 2 SDCM at CRI 80+
Natural integration
Blend with or enhance any environment through color-rendering capabilities and a choice of outputs and color temperatures

Durable LED luminaires featuring a minimalist, contemporary design

Steele is a family of durable, high-performance LED luminaires for urban lighting applications, including pedestrian plazas, residential streets and collector roads. Featuring a minimalist, contemporary design, Steele delivers up to 18,000 lumens, with full digital dimming. The luminaire has a Low Effective Projected Area (EPA), reducing pole and installation costs.

Durable LED luminaires featuring a minimalist, contemporary design

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