Lumenpulse Launches New Optics for Lumenline

Lumenpulse has upgraded its Lumenline family of luminaires with an unmatched choice of new optics, creating a wealth of possibilities for commercial and institutional applications.

The new generation of optics offered include:

  1. The 30° narrow flood optic gives you a tight, defined beam of light, perfect for conference rooms, high-ceilinged areas or for grazing textured interior walls.
  2. The asymmetric wallwash optic offers extraordinary uniformity at very close range - with a max:min ratio of less than 2.6:1 at a setback of as little as 1/7 of the wall height.
  3. The batwing optic, available in white or RGB, provides an even illumination under low ceilings, even with wide fixture spacing. Fittings can be spaced up to 20 ft when suspended 2 ft from the ceiling. Even at just 1 ft from the ceiling, the spacing between luminaires can be up to 12 ft.

The new optics will be available to order as of July 28, 2016.

Please consult the Lumenline product pages for new specification sheets and ies files.

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