Lumenpulse Launches Lumenbeam Generation 2.0

Montreal, Quebec

Lumenpulse has upgraded its Lumenbeam family of luminaires with a new generation of LED technology, resulting in an increase in performance and efficacy across the entire range.

The upgrade to Generation 2.0 provides a substantial lift in candlepower. Leading the pack is the Lumenbeam XLarge RO, 6°, which is now capable of delivering up to 513,993 candela at nadir, an increase of 84% when compared to Generation 1.0. 

Click here for a performance comparison between Generations 1.0 and 2.0.

The upgrade also provides an increase in lumen output without significant increases in wattage, resulting in a typical 30% improvement in efficacy for white light luminaires.

Please consult Lumenbeam product pages for new performance data, ies files and specification sheets.  

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