Project details

Project type: Arts + Culture
Location: Laval, Quebec, Canada
Architect: Vincent Leclerc et Associés
Engineer: Dessau


College Montmorency

The corridors of College Montmorency in Laval, Quebec are illuminated with Lumenbeam Large Pendants in a warm and comfortable color temperature. A narrow 10-degree optic was chosen to provide distinctive accents of light on the floor, while a wider optic was used to provide a more general ambient light. The pendants were fitted with snoots to shield against any glare.

Lumenbeam Pendants are suspended luminaires that typically mount at heights from 15 to 30 ft (5 to 10m) for general and accent lighting in larger indoor or outdoor areas such as public spaces and atriums. Besides their high performance and 120,000-hour lifetime, the family includes numerous options such as optics for flood or accent lighting; color temperatures and colors; various stem lengths, accessories and spread lenses; and dimming control via DMX, DALI or 0-10 volt.

Equipment specified

7 x Lumenbeam Large Pendant (3000K, narrow spot 10° optic, 4' stem, with snoot)
13 x Lumenbeam Large Pendant (3000K, flood 40° optic, 4' stem, with snoot)

Applications Used

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