House of Blues Los Angeles

California-based designers Visual Terrain used just 9 color-changing Lumenbeams to give Los Angeles' House of Blues a vibrant new presence on the Hollywood Strip.

Located in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip, House of Blues Los Angeles has been a popular entertainment destination since it opened in 1992. Visual Terrain enhanced the exterior lighting of the building with its identifying trio of dormers and rooftop silo.

The design intent of the Visual Terrain team, led by CEO Lisa Passamonte Green, was to achieve a dynamically lit façade with as few fixtures as possible. Their choice was Lumenpulse's color-changing LBM, a high-performance 28W luminaire capable of evenly lighting surfaces with rich and vibrant colors. "The luminaires are mounted directly onto the roofline and perimeters of the structures, and at the base of the silo with standard equipment," says Green.

"We're pleased with Lumenbeam Medium's small form factor and its overall performance. It's small enough to blend into the overall expanse of the building's façade and doesn't call attention to itself, which made it easier to mount directly to the roof," she indicates. She points out that while Visual Terrain has frequently worked with Lumenpulse before, the House of Blues project was their first experience with the Lumenbeam Medium RGB luminaire. "We were pleased with its performance overall and very pleased with the help we received from the entire Lumenpulse team as this was an extremely fast-track project." And, she adds, the client is happy with the overall effect and "loves having the ability to change the façade colors to promote special events."

Green's Visual Terrain project team for LA's House of Blues installation included Mike Mahlum, Steven Young, and Laurie Murphy.

Equipment Specified
9 x Lumenbeam Medium Color Changing with snoot (40º flood optics)

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Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Market: Hospitality
Lighting Design: Visual Terrain

We were pleased with Lumenbeam Medium’s performance and very pleased with the help we received from the entire Lumenpulse team as this was an extremely fast-track project.

Lisa Passamonte Green
Visual Terrain
Photography by David Paul Green